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Alexey Beloglazov

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About Me

Hello! My name is Alexey Beloglazov. I'm from Belarus, 32 years old, married. I have higher technical education (programmer-mathematician). My timezone is GMT+3.

Apart from my work I like to travel, motorcycles, tasty food, and good drinks.

My native language is Russian. Additionally, I speak English at an intermediate level.

About My Experience

I have more than 11 years experience in web-applications development and areas around it.

I'm not tying up myself to a specific language or solution: I'm totally open to new technologies and approaches in web-development.

Currently I'm working at SystemSeed Digital Services LLC and not looking for a new job.

Currently not open to new projects

General Workflow

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I develop solutions of any level of complexity to cover the business requirements of a project.

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Building infrastructure

Every application requires proper infrastructure, like choosing a web-server, database, cache servers, queue solutions, etc. It's totally on me, I design and deploy all services required for a web-application.

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Delivery and testing

In my work, I always use reliable ways to test and subsequently deliver web-application to a cloud or server.

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Fun facts

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happy customers

success projects

cups of coffee drunk

working hours


Which advantages will you get by working with me?

Quality application

At the end of my work on a project, a customer gets a high-quality tested application, including a way to auto delivering all further changes.

Adherence to deadlines

I initially prepare a proper plan of development and stick to it during work on a project. Even if something goes wrong - I'll quickly resolve that.

Responsibility of results

I take full responsibility for my work, and I'm ready to do any support and bug fixing any time even after the ending of a project.

Do you like my advantages?

I love what I do and glad to see happy clients

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My Experience

I've been working for more than 11 years on real projects for various customers

Jan. 2022

SystemSeed Digital Services LLC

Senior Full Stack Engineer

2022 year started from joining to SystemSeed. On this position I'm generally focus on development based on Drupal, React and writing automated tests.

Go to the website.

Jan. 2021

CodeShield GmbH

Nodejs Developer + DevOps

In 2021 I joined to German startup called "Codeshield". CodeShield provides visualization and analysis for cloud resources. My new job allows me deep into nodejs and opens AWS world.

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Jul. 2018

Codario GmbH

Lead Developer

I smoothly changed Bright Solutions to Codario GmbH company. There I worked on the great product Codario (update management solution for automation and quality assurance for package managers).

Go to the website "Codario GmbH".

Aug. 2016

Bright Solutions

Backend Web Developer

I joined "Bright Solution" in the role of Senior Developer. My main goal was develop and support Drop Guard project (update management solution for automation and quality assurance for Drupal CMS).

Besides there I got a lot of new experience with Drupal, improved my skills in backend development, and got new knowledge and development approaches from my colleagues.

Go to the website "Bright Solutions".

Aug. 2013


Web Developer

I started my career in "Neoviso" company and gained there my first experience in knowledge regarding lifecycle of project development, learned basic workflow when working with real projects of customers, began work in the team and a lot other stuff. Of course I continued to improve my knowledge in web-programming area.

While working there I took part in development more than 40 projects of american, german, israeli and russian customers in different spheres.

Go to the website "Neoviso".

Sep 2008


Faculty of Mathematics

I graduated the "Gomel State University named of Francisk Scaryna" on specialization "mathematician-programmer".

While studying there I learned a lot in different areas of math: probability theory, discrete math, mathematical analysis, function analysis, differential analysis, equations of mathematical physics, theoretical mechanics and other.

Of course I got also great practice in programming: theory of algorithms, theory of data structures, theory of object-oriented programming, theory of databases, theory of cryptology and other. Besides I learned the following languages: Pascal, C, C++, Assembler and Java.

My powerful skills

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php, nodejs — drupal, symfony, laravel, expressjs, hapi, aws-sdk



javascript, react, nextjs, typescript, jquery, angular, webpack


HTML Layout

css, sass, bootstrap, foundation, material-ui



aws, gitLab ci, github ci, docker swarm, kubernetes

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Belarus, Gomel

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